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There are many interesting traditional religious and cultural ceremonies and festivals throughout the year. They provide a great opportunity to participate in a centuries old tradition of Khmer society. Some of the major festivals and ceremonies are listed below:

  BONN CHAUL CHHNAM (Khmer New Year)
RANGING FROM 12th-16th APRIL. Cambodian New Year goes on for three consecutive days. The date changes, ranging from the 12th to 16th of April, according to the Lunar Calendar. The Cambodian people prepare new costumes, decorate their houses and put up the National flag for the festivities. They offer food and desserts to their ancestral spirits through Buddhist prayers and play popular traditional games. Generally the games are played in the grounds of monasteries; foreigners are also welcomed to joint these fun games.
  BONN CHROAT PREAH NONGKOAL (Royal Ploughing Ceremony)
The inauguration of the rice planting season is marked by the celebration of Royal Ploughing Ceremony. Generally this is performed by His Majesty The King and Her Majesty The Queen, their title for the ceremony are Meakh and Me Hour respectively (the star of Ceremony). Sometimes nominated people take their positions. The Meakh ploughs the field, using an ox plough, whilst Me Hour sows the field from a basket of rice seeds which she carries. She sows the seeds into the newly tilled earth followed by a dozen royal servants. During the ceremony everyone is dressed in colorful traditional costumes. After three circuits the three pairs of oxen are set free to taste different crops which are offered in seven silver trays. These crops include rice, corn, green beans, grass, sesame, water and wine. The Brahmin then predicts the outcome of the next harvest by what the oxen have eaten and how much they have taken. The dates for this festival change annually according to the Lunar Calendar.
This is one of the most important Buddhism ceremony to celebrate the birth, enlightenment and Para nirvana of the Buddha, celebrated in local Wats.
   BONN DAK BEN & PCHUM BEN (Remembrance of Forefathers Ceremony)
SEPTEMBER - OCTOBER. This is the second largest of the Cambodian festivals and is to commemorate the ancestors, forefathers and members of the family. Almost the whole of Khmer society will offer food and other items at the monastery (Wat or Aram) during the 15 days festival.
Pchum Ben, the last day of the festival, is the most important day when everyone is expected to attend. People make offerings to please the spirits and give charity to the poor.  The dates for this festival change annually according to the Lunar Calendar.
   BONN OM TOUK (Water Festival)
NOVEMBER. Over this period a combination of three ceremonies takes place: the Boat Race, the moon Festival and boon Ork Om Bok (eat the flat rice). The biggest event is the boat race where thousands of people come from all over the country to participate and watch. The even takes place on Tonle Sap River when the current changes direction. The river begins to flow out of Tonle Sap Great Lake after the lake has assimilated a billion of cubic meters floodwaters during the Rainy Season. During 3 days festival, there are impressive fireworks and Loy Pratip (floating of the light art) displays at the end of each racing day.


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